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Unpaid Client Bills – managing and taking action

In any business that bills to get paid, managing and taking action on unpaid bills is serious stuff. If billing is the beating heart in the payment system, managing unpaid bills is the defibrillator except a defibrillator that needs to be used at least once a month. The first task in managing unpaid bills is

A Law Office Billing Statement that Looks Like a Billing Statement

In other blogs, I have suggested several formatting ideas that help legal statements look like bills and may even help attorneys get paid faster and more consistently. I have not yet mentioned upper case printing on statements. Many clients associate upper/lower (mixed) case printing with letters and other documents but not with statements which they

Payment Due Dates and Overdue Payment Notices

We at Interbill strongly recommend that attorneys  include a specific payment due date on all statements sent to individual clients or small business clients. Some attorneys use the words “Payment Due upon Receipt”, we discourage this practice. Individual clients and small business clients often have competing cash flow needs. A clearly identified payment due date

New Client Payment Options from Interbill

Law Firm Financial Consultant Bruce MacEwen in his book ,“Growth Is Dead-Now What?,” said that there are two things necessary to sustain a private law practice: Getting Clients and Getting Them To Pay. Interbill is in the business of getting clients to pay, not in the business of getting clients, although sometimes accommodating client payment

Emailing Bills to Clients

Many attorneys email bills to their clients. Unfortunately, in my experience, emailed bills are not paid as well as mailed paper bills. Most people receive a lot of emails. Emails tend to be transitory in nature. Most emails do not require us to do anything. When we receive a bill in the mail we usually

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