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Turning Professional Time into Cash Flow Blog 3 of 3

Blog Number 3 in our series on Turning Professional Time into Cash Flow  is to attempt to focus on billing items that are known to annoy many clients. There are several billing mistakes many attorneys make that can irritate their clients.   The most common mistake is the belief that the more details the include on

Turning Attorney Professional Time into Cash Flow Blog 2 of 3

Cash Flow and Billing Considerations October 11, 2014 Timely Billing: Because cash flow is critical to the survival of every enterprise, billing in all modern enterprises, profit, non-profit and professional, is a serious and timely matter. Except for occasions and practices where mile-stone billing is appropriate, I advise attorneys, who are serious about getting paid,

Turning Professional Time into Cash Flow Blog 1 of 3

What to do about Clients Who Cannot Afford to Pay Their Attorney Bills Many solo practitioners have worked for larger firms and do not appreciate what it takes to get paid.   Cash flow keeps any enterprise operational.  A law practice is no exception.  Even non-profits need cash flow to keep going. There are three basic

Beware Of Bookkeeping Software Without Proper Controls.

In an attempt to make their bookkeeping software easy to use, many software products do not include the kinds of controls that make it difficult to make mistakes and embezzle funds. Two common examples are: Checks to not have to be voided and accounted for they can just be ignored. The name a check is

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