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Structured Retainer Payment Plans

If you want to collect 100% of what you bill and not turn away potential clients, consider using Structured Retainer Payment Plans. As you know not many clients can afford to pay your entire projected fees and costs on their legal matter in advance.  Structured Retainer Payment Plans are designed to keep your office cash

Turning Attorney Professional Time into Cash Flow Blog 2 of 3

Cash Flow and Billing Considerations October 11, 2014 Timely Billing: Because cash flow is critical to the survival of every enterprise, billing in all modern enterprises, profit, non-profit and professional, is a serious and timely matter. Except for occasions and practices where mile-stone billing is appropriate, I advise attorneys, who are serious about getting paid,

Client History Statements

Many attorneys like to provide their clients with a history of a matter from time to time.   Every year our Interbill attorney customers order more History Statements for their clients. In that history statement requests from Interbill attorney customers have gone from an average of 1 per attorney per quarter to over 10 per attorney

Unpaid Client Bills – managing and taking action

In any business that bills to get paid, managing and taking action on unpaid bills is serious stuff. If billing is the beating heart in the payment system, managing unpaid bills is the defibrillator except a defibrillator that needs to be used at least once a month. The first task in managing unpaid bills is

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