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Charging Clients Late Payment Charges

By Phil Paisley, President – Interbill – Attorney Billing Software About 70% of our attorney customers charge their clients a late payment charge when payment for a statement or invoice is more than 30 days overdue. Some customers use a flat late payment charge, often $25; but most use an annual percent, charged like interest.

A Comprehensive and Effective Attorney Billing System

Part I – Communicating Value not Just Time Much emphasis has been placed on recording and billing for every single minute spent on the client’s behalf. Some attorneys and paralegals use timers to make sure they do not overlook a second. In our experience at Interbill, this practice is a waste of time and a

Keep It Simple and Keep It Safe

This blog is a continuation of the first of the year blog on the advice of a family lawyer who created and ran a very successful law office in San Bernardino, California. This family lawyer customer and friend gave me and others a lot of advice about the process of billing and getting paid. He

Turning Professional Time into Cash Flow Blog 3 of 3

Blog Number 3 in our series on Turning Professional Time into Cash Flow  is to attempt to focus on billing items that are known to annoy many clients. There are several billing mistakes many attorneys make that can irritate their clients.   The most common mistake is the belief that the more details the include on

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