Attorney Billing Software and Service

The Elements and Format of a Payment Effective Client Statement

To maximize the payment effectiveness of your client billing methods, there are certain billing statement format elements that have been proven to work. Please pay (amount due):  This figure along with the payment due date is usually printed on the top right side of the statement.  If the attorney’s agreement with the client is to

Client Satisfaction and Client Referrals

When it comes to client satisfaction, the business part of your law practice can be more important than your expertise as a lawyer. Most clients are not well equipped to evaluate your skills as a lawyer, but they are equipped to judge the professionalism and fairness of your business practices. How you bill and how

Avoiding Client Confusion and Conflict over Retainer Deposits

Requiring each client to pay a substantial retainer deposit is a sound business practice for solo practitioners and small law offices. Unfortunately, many clients will not be able to afford to pay a substantial retainer deposit.  Attorneys should be concerned about the future financial viability of working for a client who cannot afford to pay