Attorney Billing Software and Service

Using Incremental Retainers to Increase Collections

Getting paid or collections has always been a problem for private law practice attorneys. Sole practitioners and small law offices have more problems with collections than larger law firms. According to “Growth Is Dead: Now What? Law firms on the brink” by Bruce McEwen of, large firms have a collection rate of 85%. In

Billing for Services Performed at No-Charge

“No-Charge” refers to recording a charge and valuing that charge to zero. Most attorneys who No-Charge a professional service on a bill include the description, SERVICE PROVIDED AT NO CHARGE. There is value to occasionally providing a service at no charge, but that value is diminished if it is done on every bill or for

When a Client Does Not Pay On Time

Before discussing this subject, there are three things that need to have happened first: Attorneys need to have established a clear Payment Agreement with their clients. The agreement states when the bill will be sent, how it will be sent and how it is to be paid e.g. a minimum monthly installment, payment in full,

Attorney Billing – Collections and Accounts Receivable

The Problem: In my experience it is not uncommon for sole practitioners and small law offices to have uncollectable accounts receivable equaling 40% of their billed charges. For individual attorneys this can be greater than $70,000 a year. For most attorneys this is not “chump change”. It is also my experience that many attorneys do