Attorney Billing Software and Service

How to survive in a no growth legal business environment

According to “Growth Is Dead: Now What?” by Securities Attorney, Law Firm Consultant and Author Bruce MacEwen, two rather permanent economic realities loom over the private practice of law: an overabundance of attorneys and less legal business. To me, it is clear that attorneys in private practice are going to have to make a living

The 10 Components of a Client Payment Effective Attorney Billing System

Attorney billing is about communicating value for services and getting paid. In my 45 years of experience helping attorneys get paid, a client effective attorney billing system has these 10 components. 1. Billing agreement: Your billing agreement with clients should be in writing. It will document how they will be billed, how they are expected to pay,

Trust Account Management and Some Pitfalls to Avoid

Mishandling client trust accounts is a major cause of client complaints and disciplinary action against attorneys. Some states have added trust account handling provisions to their business and professions code. Some state bar associations have issued advisory rulings about trust account data retention. There is also common law involving issues that have to do with