Attorney Billing Software and Service

The Next Generation of Attorney Business Software

The next generation of attorney business software will convert professional legal services into payments with greater effectiveness and speed while replacing many business tasks. Business software companies have learned that the single purchase software business model is not a business survival model.  As a result, business software companies have  been moving to new recurring income models

Communicating Value Through Billing

Many attorney billing systems are based on the assumption that more billing detail is better.  The assumption is that clients feel better about paying a bill from an attorney when that attorney bills for every nickle of time and activity.  Bills based upon this (erroneous) understanding look something like this: Date AAL Attempted phone call.                                                        .03         $

Billing Steps to Getting Paid on Time

Getting paid on time is one of the biggest problems for attorneys in private practice. More and more attorney are waking up to the fact that working for 50 clients only 15 of which pay, is financially unsustainable, unfair to clients who do pay and increases the cost of legal services. Billing Steps to assure