Attorney Billing Software and Service

Legal Fees: Crafting an Effective Fee Agreement

The number one factor in fostering a good attorney-client relationship is to make sure the client fully understands the expectations of the relationship. A well crafted fee agreement explaining the relevant terms and limits of the representation can go a long way in avoiding confusion and disputes. Here are the core components that make up

Professional Attorney Billing

The objective of attorney billing is to communicate the value of services and to get paid for those services. The more professional your billing the more value your billing will add to your relationships with your clients. For example, when you miss spell a word on a statement that misspelling could degrade the perceived value of your services.

Attorney Cash Flow

The following is a reprint of an article by Phil Paisley in American Bar Association Websine Law Practice Today.  Published in October 2012. In my experience obtaining clients and getting paid are the top challenges for attorneys in private practice. These problems are more critical for attorneys who practice as sole practitioners and in small

Emailing Your Client Statements

Emailed statements work best when clients can click a payment link in the email that accompanies the statement and pay electronically online. Interbill is developing an online electronic payment system for this purpose. Unless you have that emailed payment link and online payment technology available to you, emailed statements require a higher level of client