Attorney Billing Software and Service

Evergreen Retainers for lawyers

Evergreen Retainers are retainers that are billed when a retainer minimum balance is reached. It is normally billed automatically and in increments that a client can afford to pay. Example: for a business law litigation case the lawyer says that the case will most likely cost $15,000 to defend if the case does not go

Prebill Editing & Statement Previews – Interbill Online Attorney Billing Software and Service

Perhaps the most popular data feature of Interbill’s Attorney Billing Software has been prebill editing. Prebill editing provides our attorney customers with the ability to edit a statement while looking at the statement presentation and to simultaneously change the original log entry for the time, cost, payment, trust, retainer, or late payment charge. On the

Getting Paid

Billing is about getting paid. Too many lawyer billing systems focus on recording charges rather than getting paid for those charges. Getting paid is a lot more complicated than recording time / costs and sending out a bill. First a client has to be able to pay and if not the lawyer needs to make